WAT Met Willim Welsyn Podcast


Episode 134. - Benjamin Booker

November 9, 2017

Benjamin Booker is an American musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Booker’s got a new album out called ‘Witness’ and because Willim’s a huge fan, he decided to give the man a call to ask him a bunch of questions like: What was it like touring with Jack White? How did he get to play on David Letterman? (Turns out he saw Letterman fall on face after the show…) What happened to his first backing band? How did he get Mavis Staples to collaborate with him. All that and much more. They also talk through the tracks of his new album ‘Witness’, out now on ATO Records.

“Benjamin Booker makes retro music feel modern, reflecting on racism in America while drawing on blues, soul, and gospel.” – Pitchfork